Monday, August 10, 2009

Genetics, Schmemetics

Since Tommy was born, I've gotten a lot of compliments on how I look. Including one woman at a garage sale who hilariously said, Excuse me, is that YOUR baby!? And then went on to tell me that I looked way too good for having a tiny baby.

I am really happy with how I look. My stomach is definitely still squishy and has loose skin, so you won't be seeing this mama in a bikini any time soon. But can I brag and tell you that I was back in my pre-pregnancy jeans at three days postpartum? You can slap me if you want, (and I kind of love it when people threaten to beat me up) but let's talk about how I never got back into my pre-pregnancy jeans with Luke. That's right. I finally got sick of wearing maternity jeans at eight weeks PP and went and bought all new jeans.

So, you have to forgive me if I get a little crabby when I hear someone say that I look good, and that it must be genetics. It's really not genetics, and I want my props here. Is that wrong? Probably, but I'm going to go ahead and give myself a pat on the back for doing so well this time around.

When I was pregnant with Luke, I gained 35-45 pounds. I say 35-45 pounds because I was steady at 35, until the DAY I went into labor, and I shot up ten pounds. Thus, I think that last ten pounds is stupid fluid weight and shouldn't count. By my six week checkup, I'd lost all but ten pounds, which means that last ten pounds was probably not fluid weight but brownie weight. And then, it took a year and a half and a jogging habit to lose those last ten pounds. Naturally, I lost them about two seconds before I got pregnant with Tommy, but at least I lost it. So when I got pregnant with Tommy, I vowed to be a healthier pregnant woman.

And I was. I ate my fair share (okay, more than my fair share) of refined sugars, but I was active. Truthfully, I ate way more junk food this pregnancy than I did with Luke, but I hardly gained any weight. I jogged 2-3 miles a night and did a light step routine until I was 24 weeks. I stopped at 24 weeks because I started having Braxton-Hicks while running, and it just wasn't comfortable. Then I started using this workout, and from 24 weeks until the day I went into labor, I probably skipped a total of ten workouts. If that. It wasn't always easy and that DVD kicked my butt, but it felt good to be that active. I was proud of myself. I started out my pregnancy at 146 pounds and at my last checkup, I weighed 155 pounds. Tommy weighed 7 pounds, 11 ounces, so I was basically all baby. The day after he was born, I was back down to 146. This morning, I weighed 137 pounds, amazingly enough since I eat ALL THE TIME. I know that once Tommy stops nursing constantly, I will likely gain some of that weight back, but I'm okay with that.

Truthfully, I've never been the type of person who cared much about exercise. But I've learned how good it can make you feel, especially when you see results. I really believe that constant exercise helped me with a fast labor, and I also believe it helped with such a quick recovery. Now, you can totally start the slapping for being obnoxious "Whoo I lost all my pregnancy weight super fast" lady, but I needed to pat myself on the back just a little bit. And now I'm going to go reward my super awesome weight loss with a bowl of ice cream. What?


Bacardi Mama said...

You definitely deserve a huge pat on the back. That is so awesome. You have every right to toot your own horn. Blow away!

Mendie said...

That is amazing! You should be proud of yourself...forget the genetics people, they are just looking for an excuse! It sounds like you had a much better starting base and healthier pregnancy routine with Tommy-that gives me hope!!

Cassie said...

You totally deserve a pat on the back for all of that! It has taken me over a year to even get motivated enough to start exercising to lose the weight I put on when I was pregnant with Jackson. Good for you!

kristin said...

whatever, you are totally amazing, and i KNOW you deserve your props for being in such excellent shape this time around! i can only hope your motivation somehow rubs off on me if i'm ever pregnant, because my lazy butt will probably gain a gazillion pounds. :)

Anonymous said...

Good for you. Good. For. You.

I gained a whopping sixty pounds with my first one and wow, did I regret it. I lost it and was much more careful with my second.

You're right, genetics might have something to do with weight gain, but overall, it's the excess eating and lying around like a couch potato that is the real culprit.

You have every right to feel proud. Bravo.

Anonymous said...

Your whole pregnancy, so many people told you how good you looked, and it's true - you looked incredible. I didn't know it was because of careful dedication and hard work and exercise - I did know you were working out but I didn't put it together I guess. =) Yes, you deserve all the credit for what you did and I'm glad you wrote about it. =) You gorgeous Mama, you. =)

Love said...

"what?" you say?
i'm going to punch you in the mouth.

okay, just me saying that is a total laugh. you know i'm all peace and love and no punching. but, don't ever say 137 again.

i still have f.o.r.t.y. pounds to use to get back to pre-chloe weight. actually, i'm okay with the fact that i don't even want to get back to that weight. but, i do look forward to actually losing thirty....4 babies later!!

your exercise totally made the difference with your weight, your awesome labor/delivery, and your recovery. good work!!

Allyson said...

*hangs head* Sorry I said how much I hate you. :(

Sara Joy said...

I wonder if I could pat you on the back while simultaneously kicking my own butt.
Without falling over, of course.
Not bloody likely because I still have 20lb of baby weight to lose. You rock, I'm jealous.
The end.

Mommy Mo said...

I think that is awesome and wonderful and I am in awe that you exercised the entire pregnancy.

And I will punch you in the face.

However, I have a very very very good friend who is small framed and EXERCISD way before pregnancy, and all throughout pregnancy (she is an exercise fanatic) and still gained 40lbs. I'm just sayin'.

I think it might be both- hard work and LUCK : ).

Of course, I just ate my way through my last pregnancy and I'm still struggling to get rid of the rest of this baby weight and then some- he's 10.5 months old. Cest la vie!

You go on with your bad self and get some skinnier jeans.

Candi said...

Congrats! I wouldn't slap you...I'd give you a hug! It's been awhile. ;)
I think the most important thing that we deserve to give ourselves a pat on the back for a job well done. We should be free to feel proud of ourselves.
You did good. :)

Mimi's Toes said...

Yay for you! You are amazing. My daughter-in-law is the same way. She lost the baby weight after Jack by Jogging. I am still carrying baby weight from my last baby (29 years ago).

Anonymous said...

I was that disgusting person after my first. I gained 35 pounds with all of my pregnancies. With the second, born in November, I wasn't exercising and by the time mother's day rolled around I asked and received a treadmill. Which has gotten more use than I ever actually imagined. With the third I didn't lose it quickly. I had to buy new jeans, and that sucked, but I got back on the treadmill and started running at 8 weeks PP. I love getting the statements like "are they all yours? You look too good to have three kids." But I know all the hard work that I put into it. Part is genetics, but part is the dedication to being healthy. So, go, and enjoy that ice cream.

Megan said...

Dude, it totally is hard work. Not genetics. And trust me, I know it. I ate like a cow with Junior and was still holding on to an extra 15 lbs. when I got pregnant with Adrian. With Adrian, I exercised so much, just like you, and watched what I ate (moderately) and here I am, tinier now than before I got pregnant with him.
So be proud. Hell, I know that I am. You look amazing and that is because of your hard work. I know that it's totally easy to use pregnancy as an excuse to be lazy and eat (cause I've done it), but it's just so much easier (and I think it makes labor a whole lot easier) to do it the healthy way.

Leah said...

ERIN! I clicked on the link to that pregnancy DVD and looked at the photos and I seriously do not think my body could get into some of those positions while being not pregnant or, uh, ever.

You know I think you look SO HOTT! And you should be proud!

The Many Thoughts of a Reader said...

That is awesome. Congratulations!

Ryley @ That's My Family! said...

I have kind of a similar story but I ate like crap and didnt exercise at alll!!!!
I gained about 35 lbs and it was all gone when I came home. I have no idea how it happened but It was AMAZING!!!
I was so afraid to step on the scale and I had to weigh myself at least 20 times. I just couldnt beleive it..
I loved people telling me how great I looked! Loved it!
And after 7 months of BF (still going) I have lost another 10-15 lbs.. and I still eat like crap!
This having a baby stuff is AWESOME!!! best diet ever.. :)

InTheFastLane said...

I always gained a lot of weight, even though I exercised a lot. Part of is, I am pretty sure is that I tend to have high blood pressure and retained a lot of fluid.

Let see...I gained 35 pounds with Jack Jack and 4 years later I finally lost it all :) It might not be genetic for you to be so skinny, but I think it was/is genetic for my body to hang on to as much weight as it can :)

But, rock on! Now, I am going to go exercise some more :)

TexasBobbi said...

I was back in pp jeans fast too but i have a few pounds that won't go away.

Jil said...

Erin, when I started reading your blog a few months ago- you had just written about your weight gain this pregnancy compared to your first. When I read that, I had just found out I was pregnant with baby #2 and was really encouraged that maybe I won't have to gain the 50 pounds I gained with my first. Anyway, thanks for writing this and posting the link. I'm totally ordering it!

Mrs. Cline said...

I haven't seen you yet (BOO and YAY-SOON), but I know you're smoking hot. Because YOU WORKED FOR IT AND YOU DESERVE IT.

I only want to punch you a little tiny bit and I'll be the adult and admit it's total jealousy.

Can't wait to see you and squeeze Tommy.

katandkarl said...

i have to say that i worked out my entire pregnancy and did step as well and i think it contributed to my fast l&d for sure!

i DID pack on some pounds when i stopped nursing and am still working on getting those to GO.

you should brag. fo sure.

april said...

Okay, so: I got the working out part down, so I just need to have a baby, keep working out, and breastfeed and I can eat all the waffle cones I want?

I am seriously so stinkin' proud of you that I could pop you.

Unknown said...

You're awesome!!

I've been a lazy bum this time around and I know I'm going to pay for it. Hmph.

Christy M. said...

I am SO proud of you!!! Way to go for making your fitness a priority during your pregnancy! I can't wait to hug your skinny butt, um, SOON.

Now I have to catch up with you hooker ;)

Stillmary said...

You definitely deserve to pat yourself on the back and I hope you can feel my virtual pat on your back too. Weight loss and weight maintenance must be the hardest things in the world and during pregnancy they've got to be 10 times harder. Good for you for touting the benefits of exercise too. That's a lifelong habit that could help us all especially if we can be as consistent doing it as you. I think that consistency has got to be a key to your success. Way to persevere!!!

It's a Beautiful Ride said...

That's awesome! And you should be proud! And slapped too!

I gained over 120 pounds with both girls.. Sick... I was... I had toxemia so bad I looked like a Flintstone!

With exercise and diet I lost all that weight within 6 months... So it does work!

You go girl!