Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Although the weather is still not as warm as I'd like, we have had decent enough weather to spend some time outdoors. Thank goodness!

One of our favorite things at this time of year is the wetlands behind our house. Everything is so green and alive right now. What starts out as wetlands flows into a creek behind the field, where there is fortunately a walking trail. We're probably trespassing on someone's property, but fortunately, there are no signs or houses or anything back there to tell us otherwise.

On our walk back, Tommy was determined to navigate the field but kept falling. He held Shane's hand and was so very serious about each step he took.

The crazy robin who built a nest in my basket of flowers laid two eggs Saturday, followed by one more egg Sunday, and another Monday. I sincerely hope that the process of laying an egg isn't like labor, becuase OUCH. That's a long time.
I worry that she's not protected enough from predators, because I keep thinking that any sort of animal could jump up and get her and her babies. Thanks to the flowers still growing around her, she does seem pretty sheltered. She popped her head up when she heard me at the door taking photos; normally, you can't even see her.