Friday, March 22, 2013

2 Best Friends|679 Miles|One Virtual 5k [week 2]

My second week of week 2 was far more successful than my first week of week 2, in that I actually completed the majority of it.

My high point was that I managed my longest before work run of five miles around my block. Since my feet tend to fall apart by the weekend, I thought that I should get my longest run in during the week. I wasn't sure if I'd be able to handle that many laps around the block (it came out to something like 15 1/2, otherwise known as "AM I DONE YET?!), but I managed and kept my pace somewhere around a 9:30. I was afraid that I'd completely lag near the end, but I pushed myself. I also managed to avoid most work traffic, except for the time when I got hung up with the paper delivery person. If you run in the mornings, you know this is the WORST because there is really nothing you can do other than wait it out as they stop constantly. Other than this, it went well and I felt pretty good about getting five miles out of the way before most people were out of bed.

My low point was that I kept thinking, "Hey, you did five miles Thursday, why not get up and finish your last four miles Friday and take the weekend off?" Of course I was lazy and didn't, then Tommy was up throwing up all night Friday. I was exhausted Saturday morning and didn't get my run in because Luke had an early Little League clinic, then I chose to nap in the afternoon. Finally, I decided to run Saturday evening after a huge meal and while I managed to get four miles done, it was somewhat of a disaster with a full stomach and daylight running out. I did it, but I'm not sure it was an experience I would like to repeat! Lesson learned... sometimes it's better to run when you have a chance, because you never know when a stomach flu is going to hit your house (let's not even talk about what said stomach flu is doing to week 3 of the 5k plan).

Shortly after Keli and I came up with our plan to start this blog series, we were contacted by Dimity of Another Mother Runner, who asked if we were interested in being profiled as part of the the AMR Virtual 5k. Once we stopped squealing via text, we said YES. Our profile was published today. The hilarious thing is how catastrophically interrupted our running has been since we found out about the profile. Initially, our thoughts were that we would have no choice but to follow our respective plans religiously because HELLO? We were being profiled. And then, the universe laughed. Keli's kids got sick. My kid got sick and so helpfully passed his stomach flu along to me just as I was hitting my stride, but the good news is, neither of us is letting these road bumps stop us and we're still encouraging one another--all the way laughing at just how hard it is to be a mother runner sometimes.


keli [at] kidnapped by suburbia said...

I used the word "hilarious," too! I mean, COME ON! This is ridiculous. Looking forward to getting back on track with you next week! :) xo

Bari said...

I loved seeing you both on the AMR site today. It made my crappy morning a little bit sunnier :)

Foursons said...

Very cool! I need to check out this other site.