Sunday, November 6, 2011

Will Run For Chocolate

Yesterday, my friend Sarah and I ran the Hot Chocolate 5k/15k. Our day started bright and early (okay, it actually started dark and early, REALLY early). We ended up getting to Chicago before most of the race participants, but that was okay, because guess what? We were first to use the port-a-potties.
See how early it was? Also, I'm wearing 5000 layers and I was still SO COLD by the time the race started that it took me until almost the two mile mark before I could feel my toes. It's very disconcerting to feel your feet slap down on the pavement, but to feel only numbness in response. As I was waiting for the race to start, I kept questioning what sort of stupidity led me to willingly stand outside in the freezing cold.

Sarah ran the 15k and I only ran the 5k. Next year, I'm definitely going to do the 15k. While I felt that I could've done it this year, I also wanted to enjoy myself and my longest distance is still just eight miles. At any rate, I loved running throughout the streets of downtown Chicago. It was pretty cool to run right below the Sears Tower, look up, and watch it stretching into the blue sky.

My only frustration was the sheer amount of walkers who felt it necessary to line up in the 10-11 minute pace area. I have no problem with walkers or with people who might need to walk during a race, but I spent a lot of time dodging around people that it made it difficult to set a good pace. Overall, I finished in 32 minutes, which isn't bad considering the aforementioned dodging. However, the 5k race was apparently longer than 5k due to a reroute, so once they post the adjusted route, my pace might change. I did feel like I pushed myself every time I had an open stretch, so I'm pleased with that.

While I was waiting for Sarah to finish her 15k (she is very fast, so I didn't have to wait too long), I drank my complimentary hot chocolate and sat on the bricks in front of Buckingham Fountain. It was still cold, but I added an extra layer of pants and a headband and let the sun warm me. Mostly I just soaked up the view.
I've lived within an hour of Chicago my whole life, but I never fail to be a little awestruck by its beauty. I got home with just enough time to shower, change, and go meet my parents to celebrate Shane's birthday. I had the best morning running with Sarah and laughing over dumb things that we (mostly me) managed to do, and I had a great afternoon with my family.

Today Luke and I mostly haven't budged out of bed the whole day. I'm doing laundry while we snuggle beneath the covers. He's playing learning games on my phone and I'm playing a game on my laptop called, "Please Erin, stop trying to right click on your new MacBook and for the love of God, quit trying to use the Ctrl+C command to copy!" Tonight we are going to Shane's parents to celebrate his birthday. I am pretty tired from a long week and from getting up at 4AM two mornings in a row (thank you, time change. you suck.), so a low key day today is just what I needed.
I hope your Sunday brings peace as well!


Unknown said...

So cool! I'm so impressed with your running!

I know EXACTLY what you mean about Chicago. I grew up in West Michigan & my grandparents are in LaPorte, so we tok the South Shore many summers into the city. I've lived several different places now, but Chicago is still, in my opinion, the prettiest & most seductive city. My husband & I really want to live there while he gets his master's degree (several years from now). If only it weren't so expensive. ;)

Anonymous said...

you guys were serious early birds - I think I might have still been home when you took that picture :) Fun day - let's run for chocolate again next year!!

Foursons said...

How fun! I so need a running buddy who goes as slow as I do. :)

Congrats on another 5K and another GREAT time!

Bari said...

What a fun race report! I definitely want to run that race next year.

Unknown said...

Congratulations on your race! I am so impressed! WOW! I was in Chicago just once and I could tell it was a very fascinating city. I LOVE your skyline. So pretty!

InTheFastLane said...

SUCH a fun morning.
We were totally the winners of the porta-potties! And the parking garage, and the photos. Really, we were such winners that we deserved more of the chocolate. Oh man.....

Unknown said...

OH my gosh, I have SO much to say!

First of all, you did not run ONLY a 5K, any race is awesome! And you've run 8 miles? That is fabulous, girl! You are SO on your way.

I ran a race in February where my feet were numb and yes, it is SO weird.

Also, I ran a 5K in March that was based solely around "king cake" which is basically a HUGE donut cake that people bake to celebrate Mardi Gras here. Every bakery in town had their cakes at the end of the race. I think you should come down for it next year. Perhaps it's right up your alley... ;P

Anyway, congrats to you and your friend on a great race and yay for the new MacBook! :D

Bacardi Mama said...

Great job on the race. My daughter ran the 15k.

Anonymous said...

You should be able to right click by pressing the track pad with two fingers. I love reading your running posts, I'm trying the couch to nine.

Martina said...

I used to work in the smaller building on the other side of CNA and in the Prudential building. I also went to DePaul downtown- but no matter what, I will never tire of that view. Well, except maybe in the crappy snow.

Good job braving the cold! I would run for miles everyday if it were for chocolate ;)