Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Head Hurty

Today I missed school because of a migraine. This is dumb on so many levels. One, migraines are stupid. If you've never had one, pat yourself on the head and tell your body what a good soldier it is. If you have had one, I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. I would, hands down, much rather birth a baby than have a migraine.

My migraines have been so much more manageable since I've been seeing a chiropractor on a regular basis (shout out to Corrin for directing me to the best chiropractor ever), so having two in the past few weeks is not cool. Not cool at all and as soon as I find out why they're happening, I'm going to fix the problem. Even if that means cutting off my own head, because seriously, I can only imagine that decapitating myself would somehow be preferable to a migraine.

Anyway, it's also dumb because I really, really did not want to miss school today. Last year, I had a lot more migraines and missed a lot more school because of them. Aside from the intense pain caused, I didn't mind it so much because it meant a day away from my students. Yes, that's awful. I know, but I didn't enjoy my job very much last year.

This year, though. I couldn't believe it this morning when my first thought was, "But I can't miss! I really want to finish The Landlady with them. I can't miss out on their reaction when they find out what the landlady does." In spite of the fact that I felt like someone was jabbing an ice pick into my left temple, it was a good realization of how much more I love it this year. How my students this year asked how my Halloween was and wanted to know what my kids dressed as, while my students last year didn't so much as acknowledge anything like that, ever. Not even when I was gone for a whole week when Tommy started having seizures.

I hate to categorize students like that, because of course I had good students last year. There are always good students, just like there will always be kids who make me want to tear out my hair. But what a relief it is to feel differently this year, to really start to enjoy and embrace teaching again, because despite the headaches that 8th graders cause (and boy, do they), they can also make you laugh and on occasion, make you feel like you're doing your job right.

That said, universe, next time I have a happy realization, I'd like for it to NOT be caused by a migraine. Thanks.


Lori @ Hit the Ground Running said...

it's funny how things happen that way, isn't it? It takes something yucky to happen to open your eyes to the un-yucky that is around you. I know this all too well.

Bottom line, you're a great teacher and you should never, ever have a migraine again. Ever. God, those are a bag of suck.

nora said...

I love when my year is going that way (its not this year due to a class of 60 9th graders - I know, you must be jealous.)

I like those moments of realization too - good for you and so sorry about your migraine. Yuck.

Unknown said...

I bet it is a bit nicer to have students who want to interact but like you said doesnt make them better or worse just different.

migraines are awful and I totally wish I was in the group who didnt get them.

Kaycee said...

I am SO glad your class is better this year! It's so hard when you have a class you don't mesh with for any reasons, makes the days long and the frustration high. I have clicked better with my kids this year so far too (thank goodness).

Migraines suck. I have often told my husband when he asks if he can do something to help to just cut my head off. I had a wicked horrible one Monday night. So bad I actually don't remember most of the night, it's a haze of pain and dozing on and off. Ugh.

Maybe there is something in the air in the Midwest right now?? Stupid air. Stupid migraines.

Becca @ My Crazy Good Life said...

I was listening to a few coworkers talk about how their 7th graders this year are awful, and how they're looking forward to next year's class because the 6th grade teachers are talking about how great they are. I get it.

And migraines?! Yes. I get them, horrible ones. I'm sorry :(

Laura said...

how great to feel like you still enjoy what you do and that you're good at it AND that you still like junior highers, as crazy as they may be. i've heard that certain years/classes are harder than others so i'm glad that this year is much better for you! good job, kids.

Laura said...

also...sorry about the migraine. :(