Monday, October 31, 2011

Trick or Treat

+alternately titled: The lamest Halloween blog post title EVER.

I love Halloween. Really, really do. I trick or treated up through my senior year of high school, because you could not convince me that I was too old. I mean, really. Free candy. What's not to love about free candy? The answer to that obviously rhetorical question is that you should love everything about free candy. Even those crappy weird peanut butter-ish things that come in the orange or black wrappers. I mean, sure they taste like weird peanut flavored wax, but they're FREE.

My love for Halloween has multiplied since having kids (except for the part where they were so freaking hyper all day long because they could not wait for trick or treating--that part sucked). I love that Luke is old enough to choose his own costume and I love that instead of being a superhero or a monster, he chose.... well, you'll see that his costume is pretty obvious.
A UPS man. Yes, that's right. Of all the costumes in the world, my four year old chose to be a UPS man.
But isn't he the cutest UPS man you've ever seen? I think so (unless your child also dressed as a UPS man, then I will contend that it is a tie).

And Tommy who didn't really get to choose got to be a bird, because it's a nice warm costume. I realize that this is probably the last year that I'll get to choose for Tommy. I'm not really sad about that, instead I'm pretty excited to hear what he'll choose next Halloween.
His bag said bird seed on it. You can't see because he was busy practicing flapping his wings in this picture. Only Tommy.
We had such a great night trick or treating. Luke said thank you at every single house and Tommy perfected standing there sweetly smiling in such a way that he somehow got extra candy placed in his bag.
These guys. When did they get to be so big? Luke directed all of us to stand at the end of each driveway, while he held Tommy's hand and helped him up to the door. Last year, I had to walk both boys up to each door. What a difference a year makes.
(Shout out to my mom who made both boys' costumes.)
I hope your Halloween was full of smiles and candy!


Crooked Eyebrow said...

They looked adorable!
and your mom is awesome.

Lori @ Hit the Ground Running said...

I don't think I've ever seen a UPS costume! So original and he totally rocked it. I hope we never do find out what those waxy peanut butter things are...why ruin a good thing?

Adam said...

Luke's smile kills me. Every time. But his UPS smile is a whole new level of deadly, especially juxtaposed next to Tommy's bird getup. I just can't take it. They are so earning that free candy.

Melissa said...

Oh, they're so cute! I love that Luke's candy "bag" is a UPS creative!

Julie said...

Dude, your kids are so cute. Luke is BY FAR the cutest UPS man I've ever seen.

Unknown said...

She made that bird costume? Wow!

The boys look great! Love the "bird seed" on the bag. Glad they had fun this Halloween! :D

Lyndsay said...

Awesome costumes! Love Luke's original idea, and lovelovelove the UPS box instead of bag. I think your mom needs an etsy store.

InTheFastLane said...

Love them!
And I Love that your mom made those!!!
JJ got to reuse a costume because I had no time and Dash's costume was a pair of 3d glasses he took from the movie theater. Loser... ;)

corrin said...

I love LOVE love that he chose to be the UPS man all by himself.

Foursons said...

He is DEFINITELY the cutest UPS man I've ever seen!

Saj said...

OMG! My youngest was a UPS man when he was three! And it was all his idea too! Luke's costume is definitely better than Caden's, but I have to trump you with one thing: we decorated our wagon to be his truck! Okay, it wasn't terribly elaborate, but it was creative!

Stephanie Wilson she/her @babysteph said...

Looks like it was so much fun. LOVE the UPS man.


Heather said...

Love Luke's costume, heck even the Husband commented how great it was. We loved the box for the candy.

Nicole said...

oh my gosh! Luke is sooooo cute!!!

Kaycee said...

I love that Luke wanted to be the UPS man! Please tell me UPS delivered something on Halloween and got to see that?? :)