Monday, November 28, 2011

Because.... why not?

Four day weekends are so my friend. By the time Saturday rolls around, you mostly have your work done and you don't have to rush around like a usual Saturday because you've already had two days off. Four day weekends should happen more often, if you ask me.

Alas, no one really asks me, so they don't happen very often. Still, we did our best to make it good. Friday night, Luke's cousin spent the night. We were a little (okay, a LOT) unsure of how this would go, worrying that we'd end up driving her back to grandma's house at 3AM. Fortunately, she adapted and fit right into our little circus without so much as a sniffle or a homesick word at all. The kids had so, so much fun. Grandma came to get her Saturday morning, after a delicious breakfast of make your own crepes. After she left, we decided to show our support for Small Business Saturday by heading to one of our favorite local stores (Lifestyles). I love, love this store because they have the neatest things, plus even though it's a store filled to the brim with expensive breakables, they never, ever act terrified when you walk in with kids, instead they're super welcoming and even have a little play area set up for kids. How great is that? Anyway, Shane picked up a couple of presents and Luke and I picked out a bag of Jelly Belly's. On the way home, we drove past a miniature golf course. Luke and Tommy were both in awe of the giant dragon and Luke asked if we could go. My knee-jerk reaction was, of course, to say, "No, not today." Because it was almost Tommy's nap time. Because I had laundry to fold. Because I wanted to get home and put on my yoga pants.

But seriously, those are just reasons and none of them very good, so as we drove past, I turned to Shane and said, "Do you think that counts as a small business?" He said, "Do you see any cops before I do a u-turn?" We pulled in the parking lot and Luke said, "Wait. Where are we?" His excitement at realizing that yes, we WERE going to go mini golfing today was totally worth it.

We were the only people golfing on this Thanksgiving weekend.
Luke couldn't quite hold his club the right way and Tommy threw his ball every single time. We never had more than two putts on any hole because Tommy would helpfully collect and hand us all our balls back as soon as he could reach them.
They both attempted to climb the dragon.
And then because we were already there, we figured we might as well stay for pizza.
Of course, once you have pizza, you pretty much have to play a few games of skeeball.
We missed Tommy's nap time. He fell asleep in the car and counted those fifteen minutes as his nap. Unfortunately, this made folding all that laundry a little more complicated, but I got it done.
When I asked Luke if he had fun, he said, "Oh, a LOT of fun!" That right there is enough to convince me that every now and then, we need to say, "Yes. Today."


jaime said...

What a fun day!! So glad you made the quick decision to stop and have some fun. :)

Adam said...

If the only thing you got out of this decision had been the photo of your boys crossing that bridge, it would have been worth it. So glad your boys had a great time. Going when no one else was golfing: pure genius.

Excellent call.

Anonymous said...

Why not days are the best!! I'm taking this post as a reminder to say why not more often over these busy coming weeks.

InTheFastLane said...

These are also the reasons I love 4 day weekends. I even had time, on a Sunday night to watch Elf with my kids instead of running around like an crazy person, trying to get things done before Monday.

I find it so hard to say "yes" sometimes, because I am so used to saying "no." I am glad you had a great day.

Lyndsay said...

I love it when days work out like that. I think those spontaneous fun days make the best memories!

Sara said...

Love it! The mini golfing was a bit like "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie", with the golfing leading to pizza leading to skee ball. Hee hee. How fun, though! My non-spontaneous self is working on this very thing...saying "Yes, today!".

Kaycee said...

Four day weekends are my friend too - MORE please!

SO SO fun. :) Hooray for getting to say "Yes today" sometimes!

Foursons said...

This has been on my heart lately too. I need to make a conscious effort that there are SEVEN days in a week, not just 5. That the weekends aren't just for preparing for the work week and Sunday is not a boring, stay home all day and pout because tomorrow is Sunday.