Wednesday, March 9, 2016

What I Read Wednesday

The Passenger
The story opens with Tanya Dubois, a woman whose husband falls down the stairs and dies. Although she had nothing to do with his death, she flees knowing that the police will only bring more questions--as she is not really Tanya Dubois. Nor is she Amelia or Debra or any of the other personas she adopts. As the story unfolds, the reader learns she is fleeing from her past, though it's unclear as to who should be given blame for her past. This one kept me hooked! Great premise and the author did an excellent job of slowly revealing the pieces of the puzzle.

The Forgetting Time: A Novel
Janie is a single mom, after a wreckless night on the beach during vacation. She loves her son, Noah, with all her heart, but he is a very difficult four year old. He suffers nightmares, has an irrational fear of the water, and constantly asks when his other mom will come to get him. Jerome is a psychiatrist who specializes in past life research, believed to be a fraud by some, he strongly insists that some children are born with strong memories of the past life they led and reuniting children with that past life can help ease troubled minds. Janie and Jerome come together to search for Noah's past life, to return him to the mom he claims he had when he was a boy named Tommy. This was really a beautifully written book. I felt the struggles of both Janie and Jerome, but especially Janie as a mom desperately trying to find help for her boy.

What are you reading?


Barb Ruess said...

Have I mentioned lately how much I appreciate your book reviews and the additions to my to-read list? Because I do! This week I read:

The Girl On the Train: I know, I know, everyone has already read this. But I finally got my hands on a copy and it was great fun to plow through a hard-to-put-down story.

A Night Divided: At the request of my 11yo, I read this book about the Berlin Wall so we could discuss it. It was well done historical fiction for the younger crowd with a very exciting ending! It actually makes me wonder how many people successfully tunneled from East Berlin to West Berlin.

Nimona: This was a YA National Book Award Finalist last year and I've been waiting to see it pop up at the library. I don't generally like graphic novels but this was a super quick and entertaining read with plenty of fun sarcasm. (Once I got past the fact that one of the main characters' names is Sir Goldenloin (REALLY?!?))

Lyndsay W said...

Thanks ladies - requesting all of these! (I did get A Night Divided for Amara rom the library a while back, but had to return it before she was able to get to it.)

I finished Black Eyed Susans (finally) last night. Liked it a lot!

Lyndsay W said...

Oh wait. I recognize Nimona - Amara's brought that one home already.

And I have a copy of 'Girl on a Train'. I just always make the library books my priority so I've never read it!

Barb Ruess said...

Lyndsay - I do the same thing! I have a pile of my own books on my book stand. I'm trying to resist library books for a while to get through them. A Night Divided and Girl on the Train were two of those. :)