Wednesday, March 2, 2016

What I Read Wednesday

Perfect Days: A Novel
This was twisted. I went into the ending thinking, "Oh no, the author wouldn't..." and the author did. Teo is an isolated adult. He lives with his parapalegic mom and is medical school, where his only friend is his group's assigned cadaver. One day, his mom drags him to a party where he meets and becomes infatuated with Clarice. Teo obsessively begins calling and following her, until one night, one thing leads to another and he ends up kidnapping her. You get the sense that Teo didn't exactly intend to do this, but now that he's done it, he has no choice but to keep on with the charade and the hope that Clarice will return his affection. This was GOOD. Discomforting but so good.

Violent Ends
17 different stories tell parts of the story of Kirby Matheson, who on one fateful day walked into his school and shot 11 people, then killed himself. These stories, however, don't really tell you why Kirby did it. Not definitively. Written by 17 different YA authors, these stories tell the aftermath of Kirby's actions. They tell of Kirby's childhood. Of the days before the shooting. They tell the stories of the victims. They weave a beautiful tapestry of perspectives that won't easily be forgotten.

What are you reading?


Barb Ruess said...

Perfect Days sounds really creepy...

Last week I read The Martian and absolutely loved it. I know it's technically a sci-fi book (not my thing) but the suspense of the story really grabbed me.

Lyndsay W said...

Working through Black Eyed Susans. I like it, but wish I had a good hour or so just to sit down and finish it. I think if I had been able to read it for more than a few minutes at a time I would really, really like it.

One crazed mommy said...

Have read quite a bit lately. Finally read the Handmaidens Tale. Then The Good Neighbor, Marrow and now reading The Wilding. I FINALLY got a new job, so my days of reading will slow down - today was my first day of work since December, so I'm excited - but bummed about my reading streak about to end.