Monday, February 17, 2014

Random and Cold

I had all these best laid plans for today. I was going to clean. I was going to run because I don't have school today! Shane was going to make fajitas for dinner. Then I woke up at 5:45 to him grabbing the phone, which was really confusing. He was all, "The furnace is out. Aren't you cold?" Well, no. Because I'd apparently cocooned myself in all the blankets, which explained why I was still sleeping comfortably and he wasn't. Our furnace has been making ominous clanking noises for awhile, but we were hoping we could make it through the winter, then call someone to come look at it. Alas, it did not survive the polar vortex constant usage of the winter of 2014.

The boys and I are holed up in our bedroom with the space heater. Tommy is lining up his superhero squinkies and making them have battles (I just bought us tickets to Marvel Universe Live next January--a long wait, but he is going to be SO EXCITED). Luke is texting a friend using my phone, which is adorable. I'm sure the relative calm will be shattered any minute now, but it's not so bad right now. Except that it's less than 50 degrees in the rest of the house, but I'm trying to ignore that--as well as how much fixing this might cost.
As I finished that sentence, Shane just walked in to let me know that the HVAC guy, who just arrived, determined that there is no fixing other than getting a new furnace. So fixing it will cost us approximately 8 million dollars. It was good to know you, any extra money we had.

I am not a winter person, so this winter has been really draining. Usually I can get through winter by running because I'm still outside and still getting sunshine, but it's been too cold to run outside often. Or too snowy. I'm starting to feel a little trapped and more than a little antagonistic about the weather and the four snow days we have to make up in June, when I would much rather be enjoying myself outside. And just life in general. This whole furnace situation? Not helping. (Reminder that I'm giving away waterpark passes if you need to escape this winter, too!)

Other than this never-ending winter, life is pretty good. Luke turns SEVEN on Thursday. Sometimes he behaves like an absolute fool, but maybe that's just seven year olds. And I hear he's pretty awesome at school, so I take it. Sometimes through gritted teeth. Tommy is doing so well at preschool. He's start to become more social, which is crazy from my shy kid. Any time he responds back to a store clerk without my prompting or sometimes even initiates the conversation himself, my jaw drops.

Morgan is settling in with us really, really well. She went through a little separation thing after we went away to the waterpark for a night, but after two nights of realizing that we were back with her, she was fine. She is so sweet--she loves to be near us and has her spot on the couch.

She also loves to go for walks, and I'm really looking forward to when the weather is warm and taking her for a walk doesn't hurt my face. Actually, I could've ended that sentence after the word warm. I'm just looking forward to when the weather is warm. How about you?


InTheFastLane said...

I am not happy that you are cold. This is not fun at all, despite my comments about dirty smelly summer pioneers. Also, I spent an hour ironing today. And then was mad at myself that I chose to spend an hour of a kid free day off, ironing. I thought I was smarter than that. But isn't it amazing watching your children get so old???

Theresa Mahoney said...

Ugh! That really sucks about the furnace! Ours went out last month, but thankfully it was still under warranty, so it was only an $85 service call.

We are getting hammered with snow again today. We haven't taken our dogs for walks at all this winter. It's just been too cold. Now the vet is angry because they are a few pounds overweight.

Glad Morgan is setting in just fine. She she does look happy on her couch space!