Monday, February 3, 2014

Lovin' It

I really enjoy it when people do blog posts about items or things they're really enjoying because it's like personal shopping without a personal shopper. So, without further ado, here are five items or things that I'm really into lately (affiliate links ahoy).

1. Winix WAC5500 True HEPA Air Cleaner with PlasmaWave Technology
Before we got Morgan, Shane claimed that he'd developed an allergy to dogs. Since he lived with a [yappy, annoying] pug for years, I largely ignored him. Until Morgan came and he actually started sneezing. A lot. And he couldn't breathe. Oops. Sorry, Shane. I suggested he move out of the house, but that didn't seem to be a good suggestion, so I started researching air purifiers. I did a lot of research and Winix had the best reviews--especially from pet owners. Truthfully, I've wanted one for awhile because in the fall, when they harvest the field behind our house, our air is thick with pollen and dust, to the point that our cars are coated yellow. This is when Tommy's breathing problems really amplify. However, the cost always seemed prohibitive for a just once a year thing.
Anyway, I have to say this purifier is amazing, to the point where I'm considering purchasing another one for the upstairs of our house. But probably not right away because $200 is a lot of money (Amazon was the best price I found--unless you have a Cosco card, which I don't). It has definitely helped with Shane's sneezing, but it really cleans the air in a lot of other ways, too. When it senses that the air is dirty, it kicks into a higher cycle to clean it. I've noticed that it always kicks up when something is being cooked and that causes cooking odors to be removed from the air sooner. Not the yummy, during cooking odors, but the aftermath of lingering food odors that don't smell so good. Shane made bacon the other night and while the delicious bacon smell stayed, the lingering grease odor that usually comes with bacon was gone as soon as he was done. A few reviews said they've had to dust less since getting the air purifier. I dusted right when we got it, but I haven't had it long enough to notice yet. And let's be honest, I'm not really a diligent enough duster to weigh in on that, but that would be a great benefit!

2. Thermos Stainless King 16-Ounce Food Jar, Midnight Blue
Luke started asking for a thermos a few months ago because he really wanted soup in his lunch. Usually after my kids ask for something for a few months without letting up, I cave and buy it--especially if it's practical. My biggest worry was that I'd buy a thermos that wouldn't keep the soup warm, but the first review on Amazon was from a mom who said her kids used this for lunch and the soup was still steaming. Sold! On our first run with chicken noodle soup, Luke said soup was as hot as if it'd just been poured out of the pot--almost five hours after I put it in the thermos. Since buying it, he takes soup in his lunch at least once a week. It gives him a welcome change from sandwiches, and it doesn't take me any more time in the morning to prep. I have access to a microwave at work, but if I didn't, I would definitely get one of these for myself! The amazing thing is that when he comes home at night with unfinished soup, it's *still* warm.

3. Monthly (or sometimes twice a month, depending on how my schedule/finances work out) manicures. I've gotten monthly pedicures for awhile now because I am a runner and my feet deserve pampering, but I started getting no-chip manicures this fall. I've never been a nail person before because it chips really easily, which I guess is the bonus of no-chip. I can go 3-4 weeks in between manicures and the only part that shows that it's been that long is the very bottom because my nails have grown. My natural nails are generally pretty healthy and strong, so I have no need for gel nails and it's been really fun to get glitter and different colors (and currently, rhinestones) on them. And at $34, it's not really breaking the bank. If you're in the area, I love Nail Studio for manis and pedis (ask me who I see!). Oh, and the hand massage as someone who uses my hands a lot for writing and typing at work? Definitely worth it.

4. Aveda Volumizing Tonic with Aloe.
I don't often buy hair products, but last time I got my hair cut, I needed shampoo and hair spray and the salon had a buy three products, get one free offer, so I asked my stylist for product recommendation. She recommended this volumizing tonic. I quickly fell in love. Two or three squirts on wet hair, then blow drying leaves my hair with much more volume than usual, even if I do it the night before. It also doesn't feel like I have any product in at all, which is great.

5. Orthaheel Women's Nell Tall Boots, Black
Thanks to my constantly temperamental feet, I can't wear normal shoes. But I also would not be able to make it through this winter without boots, so I splurged on a pair of Orthaheels boots. They don't have heels and they're not the sexy black boots I used to wear, but they keep my feet warm and most importantly, they have arch support and don't leave my feet in pain at the end of a long day. They zip over skinny jeans, jeggings and leggings, too, which is great and they also fit easily under other kinds of pants. I wish they were a little taller, but they go up to my calves so they're tall enough to still look remotely stylish, despite being orthotic.

Anything you're loving lately?

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Corrin said...

I used to love taking soup to school. Hot lunch wasn't an option at St. Ed's so soup was a real treat.