Wednesday, June 26, 2013

What I Read Wednesday

It's kind of embarrassing that I only read one book this week, but I have a lot of excuses. They are as follows: the book I'm reading now is really slow going but I want to finish it; I've been out doing a lot of fun summer things and not reading; our power went out last night and despite my best effort, it was really hard to read by candlelight.

You Are One of Them
Fortunately the one book that I did read this week was a really good one. Starting out during the Cold War, this book is about two young girls, Sarah and Jenny, who write letters to Yuri Andropov asking him to please not bomb the US. Despite it being Sarah's idea to write the letter, Jenny becomes a media sensation when Yuri not only responds to her letter, but invites her to the Soviet Union to see how nice he and his people are. While there, Jenny's plane goes down and her entire family dies. Years later, Sarah receives a letter telling her that Jenny may not actually be dead and she visits Russia to find out for herself. This story was about spies and the Cold War and international relationships, but it was also about friendships and growing up and letting go of the ideals you once held about someone. It was definitely an engaging read.

What are you reading?


Becky said...

The Light Between Oceans. AWESOME!!

InTheFastLane said...

An Abundance of Katherines. And this might be the first time in a really long time that I read 3 books in one week.

One crazed mommy said...

Finished the Dark Monk - it was good. The neat thing about the books is they are based both factually, and very loosely, on the author's ancestors - the Hangman, Jacob Kuisl, was only one in a long line of hangmen in Bavaria over the generations - even though the book is fiction, a lot of the history, events and locations are real - as are many of the character names. Anyone who enjoys historical fiction would enjoy The Hangman Daughter series.

Bari said...

I haven't read much for fun, but I had to read Entertaining an Elephant for my class and it was quite good. Definitely one if those motivate a teacher books.