Thursday, July 26, 2012

these boys, this joy

I'm trying not to look at the calendar, but I see you, August. I see you coming and I do not like it. I do not like it one bit. Still, I can't say that we haven't been living these summer days to our best.

We went to the beach last week after a storm. We couldn't swim because of the riptide, but there were waves that we don't usually see at our beaches. The boys loved jumping in the shallows.
And ducking beneath the crest of the waves as they'd roar over their heads.

We made it to the nursery as Luke wanted, but they were out of daisies. Instead he picked out this beautiful pink hibiscus. I think I like it better.

Monday, we went to the fair. We kind of love the fair, as evidenced by last year's post, and the year before that, and this year when Luke was only a year and a half and there was no Tommy! We also went when Tommy was a newborn, but I must not have blogged about it because I had a newborn. I remember because we saw the fireman who cut Tommy's cord and he was really excited to see us. Anyway, we've been fans of the fair since Luke was old enough to enjoy it.
This year was definitely the best, as we spent a record five hours--with a heat index of 100. We didn't intend to spend this much time at the fair, but the boys were having so much fun. Tommy is taller this year and could go on more rides and well, their smiles made the heat bearable.
Tommy rode his first roller coaster, right in front next to his big brother. We were worried that he might get scared, but he was anything but.
They were buds for most of the day at the fair.

When Tommy wasn't big enough for something, he was surprisingly understanding. The best part is that he was only three inches short for the ones Luke could go on but he couldn't, so next year... I'm certain they'll be on everything together.

On Friday, weather permitting, we plan on crossing off one more thing on Luke's summer to do list. Hopefully I can share with you next week!


The Many Thoughts of a Reader said...

aww. I LOVE that photo of them together on that ride. THAT is such a great brother picture!

Becky said...

such great pictures! What beach do you go to? Looks like the ocean.

Crooked Eyebrow said...

what a summer!
we have yet to hit the beach,fair tomorrow!

Unknown said...

Oh that Tommy, I know he's an adventurous one. I mean just look at the way he came into the world! Glad you are checking things off that bucket list! :D

Stephanie Wilson she/her @babysteph said...

Oh, this reminds me so much of when there was a time of just Noah & Carter. And the waves have been incredible this summer- not great for getting in but amazing to watch and hear. We are definitely making a trip there to collect some sand and rock in a jar to take with us.


TexasBobbi said...

It doesn't surprise me that Tommy is an up for anything kid. I just wrote a post about how I hope my boys stay close friends forever also.