Wednesday, January 6, 2016

What I Read Wednesday

I only read one book this week. Back to work exhaustion, plus I'm in the middle of by The Bazaar of Bad Dreams by Stephen King, which is great.. but really long and has also caused some bad dreams as the title mentions, so I'm taking it slow.

The premise of the book is that one night, none of the world sleeps--save children and a few adults, about 1 out of 10,000. Everyone brushes it off as maybe a weird fluke or some sort of disturbance in the radio waves until it happens again. And again. Scientists and doctors discuss how long one can reasonably live with no sleep, but by this time, humanity has started to crumble. The non-sleepers mistrust the sleepers. Everyone mistrusts the children. It's ugly and manic and exactly what I feel would happen if I stopped sleeping. The honest thought of this made my skin crawl, the frustration of wanting to sleep but being unable? Night after night? No thanks. I quit.
I felt a little let down by the ending of this book, but I mostly enjoyed it.

What are you reading?


Barb Ruess said...

I was also let down by the ending of Nod. I however loved the notion of the power of words and the fact that the new generation - the sleepers - had none... it fascinated me.

This week I read Everything She Forgot and found it very entertaining.

InTheFastLane said...

Finished My Grandmother told me to Tell you She is Sorry. Love it.

Currently reading When the Moon is Low. But back at work reading is so hard.

Theresa Mahoney said...

I still need to catch up on that Stephen King book! Sorry it's causing you nightmares!

I just finished Mechanica. Thought it was a great twist on the old Cinderella classic, and goes to show that you don't need a prince to come to your rescue for your happily ever after.