Wednesday, April 1, 2015

What I Read Wednesday

This book took me a very long time to read. It was not an easy read, but it was still a very good read. Caitlin and her mom have only each other in this world. Her mother works long hours to support them, leaving Caitlin with nowhere to go after school. Caitlin loves fish, though, and has found a comfortable home in the aquarium every day until her mother gets off work. One day, Caitlin meets an older gentleman and from this point on, it's unclear whether his intentions are good or malicious, but it sparks a change in the dynamic between Caitlin and her mother that is incredibly uncomfortable to follow. Despite this book not being an easy read, it was heavily thematic on forgiveness and just when it's okay to forgive and when it isn't.

All the Old Knives: A Novel
Henry and Celia were CIA agents in Vienna when a hostage situation went horribly wrong. On this night, Celia left the agency, moved to California, started a family and never looked back. Or so Celia would have you believe. Henry is still with the CIA and determined to find out just who was on the inside of the hostage situation, the night everything fell apart. Celia and Henry meet over dinner, during which secrets and lies are revealed. The two characters verbally dance around each other, but in the end, the element of betrayal is strong. Although this is not your typical fast-paced spy novel, it was still brilliantly written and left me with many questions.

What are you reading?


Barb Ruess said...

I read one book last week: Home by Marilynne Robinson. The second in the Gilead series. I liked it much better than the first but I didn't love it. Still enjoyed the story and perspective shift (same timeframe as the first but told from different characters' perspectives) that I'll read the last book in this series.

Theresa Mahoney said...

I'm still not reading anything. I've been sick this last week and it's such a strain to focus on print right now. How are you feeling? Haven't you been unwell yourself lately?

Unknown said...

I just finished Funny Girl by Nick Hornby. Up next is the first book in the Call the Midwife series. I will hopefully start that today,