Monday, December 8, 2014

Golden Tote December Review

I spent today at home with sinus gunk and with a sick kid to boot, but UPS saved the day by delivering my December tote a day early! I have to say, this is probably my favorite tote yet.

If you haven't read any of my previous reviews, let me tell you a little about Golden Tote. Like Stitch Fix, it is a stylist curated tote. Unlike Stitch Fix, you get to pick one or two chosen items, depending on the base point of the tote. Then a stylist adds in surprise clothing items based off of your style profile and any comments you might leave. Unlike Stitch Fix, you cannot return items that don't interest you or don't fit, but the price point per item is much, much lower than Stitch Fix. There is also a Golden Tote trading community on Facebook where you sell or trade unwanted items--I have had a lot of luck in this community!

I had a few referral credits this month, so I was able to order a single piece on Black Friday and order a tote the Monday afterward. Although they always reveal the new month's tote on the first Monday, this Monday happened to fall on Cyber Monday. They honored that by throwing in an extra surprise clothing item with each tote ordered that Monday. How could I resist?!
As always, the clothes came with lovely packaging and a style card for my two chosen items.
This is what I ordered on Black Friday: the holiday sparkle sweater set by Skies are Blue. It came with a necklace, too.

In fact, Morgan is kind of obsessed with the necklace. I need to make sure to keep it away from her!
My first chosen item in the tote was the Winter Wonderland top by Skies are Blue. I love it. Metallic and flowy with sheer fabric. It's not the warmest top, but it's very festive and so feminine. 

My next chosen item was also by Skies are Blue, the Tis the Season dress. Oh my goodness. I am at home with no makeup and wet hair, yet I felt like a princess as soon as I put this on.
Also, it has POCKETS. 
My first surprise item was a top by Le Lis. Le Lis are usually pretty unique and have split backs. This one was no exception. The front is a sparkly sweater material with sheer sleeves and a sheer underlay. The back has a sheer split in it. Love it. So unique to anything I own.
This next one is by Catwalk Studio. I was a little unsure at first because it just looks BIG and has a lot of material. It's a sweater type material with a sheer underlay. But then I put it on and wow. It might not be the most flattering cut, but it is WARM and buttery soft. This will get me through the winter. 
Hourglass Lilly tunic. I love Hourglass Lilly tunics and asked for one in my order comments, so I am glad the stylist followed through. Long sleeve and makes a perfect warm to cold weather transition piece. 
Naked Zebra top. This is a pretty basic top, but the sleeves have zipper detailing and the neckline has a faux leather trim. I love how minor details can make a piece interesting.
And finally, the Peppermint skirt. I LOVE this. First of all, I am thankful my stylist followed my instructions to size up from a small to medium in skirts because this is very form fitting. It is also, however, the kind of form fitting that can be flattering if sized right. It hits right at the knee with a lace overlay. I love pencil skirts. Love. 

So, that's my December Golden Tote. I am feeling pretty good about how I'll look this month!


The Many Thoughts of a Reader said...

the skies are blue dress is cute!

Barb Ruess said...

That dress is freaking adorable!!