Monday, October 27, 2014

Golden Tote October Review

Last month, I told you about my September experience with Golden Tote and how I pretty much loved it. I wasn't going to order an October tote, but I ended up buying a $49 tote because honestly, having new clothing made my life a lot happier in September. I haven't updated my wardrobe in a LONG time. I had two babies in 2.5 years and nursed for quite awhile, so most of what was in my wardrobe was from Old Navy and stretched out. I also haven't updated much since I turned thirty and honestly, a lot of clothes feel too young for me anymore, so I find myself shuffling through the same five pieces. Still, spending $149 two months in a row felt like too much budget wise, which is why I love that Golden Tote has a $49 option, too.

As with last month, I absolutely loved my pieces. With the $49 tote, you get to choose one item, then you receive 1-2 surprises, depending on base price. The difference between this and the $149 tote is that you choose two items with the $149 tote, then get an additional 3-5 surprises, again depending on base price.

As always, my clothes came wrapped in a super fun tote. This month, pink for breast cancer awareness (I LOVE).
In my tote was this Le Lis cowl neck sweater. Although it's like a sweater, it's also sheer material, so it could easily be worn in cooler weather or warmer. I also like the cowl neck. It's unique to anything I own.
This was my chosen item, a Thread & Supply plaid flannel button down hoodie. I wanted this because it looked warm and cozy, while still being cute enough to dress up a little. I *love* it. I felt so comfy and stylish all day long.
This Cut & Sew cardi is definitely unique to anything I own, even though I own tons of cardis. The cut is interesting in the front, with a higher hit on the waistband, while it swings lower in the back. I love the color, though it's not something I would have pulled off the rack myself (so much of my wardrobe is basic black and grey with the occasional hot pink). I like the way it's colorful while still being muted.
I mentioned last month that I received a top with a tear in the seam. I mailed it back and the day after it was received, Golden Tote emailed me that they were priority mailing me a replacement top. They were out of the original, so instead I received this Potter's Pot top which I love! Like the Le Lis, it's a sheer material where you could easily wear it in warmer or cooler weather.

I can't say enough how much I love Golden Tote for the clothes, value and customer service. If you're looking for a new way to buy clothes, I would highly recommend trying it out (and use my referral link please!). Like I said before, it is an all or nothing deal, which is how they keep costs so low. However, there is a great Facebook community where you can buy, sell or trade items, so there is truly nothing to lose.

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Theresa Mahoney said...

You look great in everything! Like you, I don't update my wardrobe often either. I have a closet packed full of stuff that I no longer wear. I really need to go check out this Golden Tote!