Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Running Resolve

A year ago at this time, I wasn't running at all. I was counting the days since my last run. It was a number that started with two and I was going crazy, only my foot injury wasn't healing. I tried not to whine, but I'm sure I did. So when this break rolled around, I resolved to run much and often. Except that with the first week of it, I was fighting an ear infection and a sinus infection and felt so awfully run down that I didn't do much of anything, let alone running. Once I figured out what was going on, a week into it, and got to a doctor, I finally got my butt in gear.

At which point, it started to snow. Of course. I really don't like the snow. Sorry, snow lovers. That doesn't mean that you can't like the snow. I just don't. I'm made for spring, summer and flip flops. Still, I didn't let it stop me, and I went out and ran snowy trails, which were actually kind of pretty.

Albeit slippery.

Yes, that's solid ice under the snow. And yes, I need to get taller socks for winter running because the sliver of skin between my socks and tights is no good when I have to wade through knee deep snow.

The temps got colder and it snowed more. Every day that it snowed, I told Shane, "I need to go run today since I probably won't run tomorrow." I said this for five straight days in a row. My running got slower each day because the snow got deeper and my legs got more and more tired, but I averaged 22 miles last week, which I haven't done since this fall when training for a half. There is something kind of addicting about snow running. You don't have to be too concerned about your pace because you're just trying to stay upright. It's actually kind of pretty. It's really kind of cold, although I think I've figured out my perfect cold weather uniform, for anyone wondering.

Top picture: North Face Glacier 1/2 Zip
Lucy Endurance Jacket
Mizuno Breath Thermo Tights (These turn your sweat into heat--I have the Breath Thermo gloves that do the same thing, too. Magic!)
And the best ever finish line swag, a stocking cap from my fall half-marathon.
Second picture I have on the Brooks Heater Hog and the rest of my layers for the run were the same. I bought two cold weather base layers so I wouldn't have to wear the same thing constantly and do constant laundry.

Unfortunately, while this get-up is plenty warm enough in single digits or even negative single digits, it alas does not extend to feels like temps of -40, so I've been stuck inside for the past three days. My legs needed a day or two rest, but I'm ready to run today! If I had a thermal mask, I could, but I can't imagine running with something over my face. I guess I'm not THAT crazy. I have signed up for a trail run this month and next, so I'm already meeting my goal of more trail running this year… and mostly, just being a happier, more in the moment runner.


InTheFastLane said...

Happier runners will also be happier in a few days when we can go outside again! :) At least your break right now is not due to an injury. I love your resolve. Enjoy it. have fun with it. Live happy.

Barb Ruess said...

I love how you've seized the winter and found happy running moments. I also love that you've signed up for two trail races this winter. Your new running resolve is awesome!

FYI I love my balaclava - I wear it around my neck and usu have it over my mouth for the first few minutes of a cold run, then just pull it up over my mouth occasionally when the cold air hurts. That way I don't have anything suffocating my face but I don't have to constantly breathe the frigid air. Bonus: it's also very nice to wear while shoveling snow.

Bari said...

Yep, just gotta embrace the winter running. I did a mile outside today and it really wasn't awful, but I think we aren't quite as cold as you are.

I need to try those tights. I wore 2 pair today and my legs were still cold.