Monday, February 18, 2013

Three Days

Three day weekends are lovely. So full of potential. It's hard to top a three day weekend, aside from the elusive four day weekend. Or spring break. This one was much anticipated because Shane and I had maybe lined up an overnight sitter for both boys Saturday night for a belated Valentine's Day celebration. You might recall that we almost pulled this off over Christmas break, until we all came down with the plague. I was holding my breath on this one, when out of nowhere, Luke threw up everywhere Thursday night. I saw our three day weekend plans go out the window, but it turned out that he consumed too much red juice and red candy and well, red everything at this Valentine's party and was just fine, after all. Thank you, gods of the three day weekend. You are too kind. So as scheduled, Shane's dad picked up the boys and took them their favorite train restaurant for dinner, while Shane and I headed to our favorite local restaurant where I proceeded to have the best meal ever of truffle fries and shrimp with cheesy grits and sticky toffee pudding. Basically, it was a 15,000 calorie meal. As you do on three day weekends.

Really, what I was most looking forward to was waking up on my own the next morning. Tommy is still on an early wakeup spree, so if we make it past 4AM, we consider ourselves lucky. The thought of waking up as my body wanted was delicious. I stayed up a little later than usual reading (I really know how to rock my kidfree nights) because I was in the middle of a good trilogy and because, hey, I got to wake up on my own, right? Of course, I woke up around 4AM and took awhile to fall back asleep because I'm tragically used to waking up at that time. And then... and then. The phone rang at 6:45 because never, ever will we get to wake up without being jolted awake. Yes, I know that's not true, but our one and only kidfree morning! And it wasn't our kids calling us, nor was it an emergency, which would be the only two excuses for a 6:45 phone call. Sigh. Relaxing wakeup ruined. Still, we made the best of it and went out for a delicious, gluttonous breakfast. Well, mine was gluttonous. Shane was boring and had an omelet.
Then the boys came home and the house was noisy again... as it should be.

This morning, I got up and ran, after an extended break last week to rest some ridiculous tendon pull on my foot (in case you're wondering, foot injuries are a domino effect and are very, very stupid). After that, we took the boys a bounce place. We haven't been in awhile and it was great to see how much bigger Tommy is. Last year, he couldn't get up most of the slides or he was too cautious to do so. This year, he was right behind Luke on everything!

Aside from the fact that they're germy and can get crowded, I love bounce places and mostly wish that we had them when I was a kid. All we had was one bounce house at a carnival and they were always called Moon Walks. And you never got unlimited bounce time. Kids these days have it so good. Anyway, because of that, I never hesitate when the boys ask me to go in with them, as long as it isn't crowded.
After we bounced for an hour and a half, it started to get crowded, so we headed out, grabbed lunch and went home. Tommy is napping, Luke is watching TV and I'm doing laundry and thinking about maybe getting the house in order.

As far as three day weekends go, this one was a good one.


Anonymous said...

You made excellent use of your long weekend - hooray!

keli [at] kidnapped by suburbia said...

Sounds like a perfect 3-day weekend ... minus the early wake up call. Grrr.