Tuesday, May 22, 2012


I have pretty amazing family and friends. I already knew this, but it was even more solidified when Shane, Julie, and Donya managed to throw off a surprise party for my 30th birthday.

This is amazing for so many reasons. One, it's beyond humbling to know that a group of busy people took their time and energy to put together something just for you. Two, Shane doesn't have a cell phone, so the fact that he managed to coordinate this without texting anyone is amazing. Three, everyone managed to pull it off in a way that I just thought they were busy my birthday weekend. And four, Luke knew about it and managed to keep it a secret for three weeks straight.

Shane got me out of the house Sunday morning under the guise of taking me to breakfast. He said his mom was going to watch the kids all day so we could go out to breakfast and dinner. Before we left for breakfast, I took all the sheets off the bed, washed them, and had them in the dryer, because I was definitely planning on taking a nap after breakfast. I also wasn't planning on eating lunch after breakfast, so I definitely ate a huge serving of french toast stuffed with bananas, peanut butter, and bacon. It was, in a word, amazing.

While I was making a glutton of myself, my house was being transformed.
And filled with desserts.

After breakfast, we went to CVS because I needed to pick up a prescription. This worked out for Shane, who needed to kill more time before we went home. Walking into CVS, we ran into one of my coworkers. I thought he was being really rude because he walked off while I was talking to him and didn't wish me a happy birthday. It turns out he was headed to our house and was panicked that he was going to ruin the whole thing. Ha!

When we got home, I was pretty excited to take my nap. Until we walked in and a bunch of people in my living room started yelling surprise at me. I don't remember what I said, but I think I called Shane a jerk.

The neatest part of this whole thing was looking around the room and taking in who was there... it was incredible to look from person to person and register that they were there for me.
Next I went around the room and hugged everyone and laughed at whatever excuse they'd given me. I was super surprised to see my bestie Leah there because she lives 2ish hours away... and she'd told me she had a baptism to attend!

Someone took my purse and told me to go downstairs and look at the decorations and then someone else handed me a mimosa, which was like my third of the day. It was all kind of a blur...I really couldn't believe it was happening, how incredible everything was.
(To read more about this amazing cake, visit Julie's blog.)

I blew out candles and everyone sang while I was holding Tommy. Then Luke realized that he missed out on cake and was sad, so we decided that the first time was just a dry run. Julie lit the candles again and this time, I held Luke while everyone sang and I blew out the candles.

I didn't really know what to wish for because I couldn't think of anything else I could possibly need, you know? I felt like I had it all. It's amazing to get to a point in your life where your family and friends throw you a surprise party with the perfect decorations and the perfect desserts because they know just what you'd want. And then you unwrap gifts and every single gift is something you would've purchased for yourself because, again, they know you so well. There were even presents from people like Ryley and Cameron and Adam, who couldn't make it because they live a million miles away or because their wife just had a baby... yet they still took the time to do something special for me. That is humbling.

I was and still am so overwhelmed at all that these two did to throw this together. And my husband, with whom I apparently didn't take a picture? Oops!

I wasn't dreading turning thirty. Age is just a number and I'm probably in better health now than I was ten years ago, but I was worried that my thirties would not top my twenties. I can't think of a more fitting way to ease that worry than to start my thirties off with one of the best days of my life. I'm sure that I've forgotten details or people to thank, but what is overwhelmingly with me--reflecting back on this and on our Tommy's Team walk--is how incredibly, amazingly blessed I am to have such love and support in my life. You guys? I am really, really lucky.

Thank you to Donya for these incredible photos. You can see all of them here.


Lyndsay said...

So glad you were loved and spoiled on your special day. I'm pretty sure you're going to ROCK your 30's!

Crooked Eyebrow said...

You are loved.
Julie and I had so much fun planning and guessing how long it would take old man shane to reply to emails.

For a month we waited to see your face when you walked in. It was priceless.

and you totally called shane a jerk. Many props to shane for wanting to make your entrance into this chapter in your life a grand one.

Like I said, you are loved.


Foursons said...

Is it terrible to be a tiny bit jealous? I am so happy for you and the wonderful family and friends you have. My 30's have been my best decade so far. You will LOVE it too.

Julie said...

What Donya said! You are loved! And we had so much FUN. And I gained an amazing new friend while doing it, so bonus for me!

So glad to have been a part of this and to watch you conquer a new decade! Hard to believe I knew you through the whole of the last one.

lissa said...

What awesome friends you have! Hope you have a wonderful year!

Stephanie Wilson she/her @babysteph said...

I am so happy we were able to surprise you and I still can't believe how awesome Julie & Donya were at party planning. So impressive. You deserve it all.


Sarah said...

This post makes me supremely happy! What an awesome day, and holy smokes how many lovely people are in your life!! :)

k said...

The pictures of you with all of your friends and then you with your sweet boys made me kind of Weepy Willie.

It's just all so very full of love.

Kaycee said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY (super super late - why is the end of the year always so c-r-a-z-y??).

That looks like a fabulous party, you for sure have amazing family and friends. I am a tiny bit farther into my 30s than you but I remember my Mom telling me on my 30th that her 30s were awesome, so far mine have been pretty great! I think yours will be too! :)

Kaycee said...

Also? I looooooove the picture of you surprised!! Fantastic. All the pictures are great actually!

Unknown said...

I'm in awe of the love and friendship here. It's just so wonderful and amazing. You are blessed, my dear. SO glad you had such an amazing celebration for you birthday!!