Saturday, March 17, 2012

half marathon training [week 10ish]

This was the week that wasn't. I knew I'd have one of these weeks, which is why I gave myself an extra week to train. I just wish it wasn't so close to the actual race, but it is what it is.

I missed running on Monday and Tuesday because I had a horrible change of weather migraine. I felt like I still needed to rest Wednesday, but I finally got out for four miles on Thursday. Unfortunately, I am horribly unused to eighty degree weather and it sucked. I ran again Friday after work because we had so much going on this morning. This was dumb. I planned for eight miles and I did it, but this was my slowest run yet. It was just so hot and my legs were so tired. The first two miles went well and were under 10 minutes, but then I got into the subdivision where I planned to do the bulk of my run... and I kind of died. It was HOT. There was no shade, no breeze, just the glaring, hot sun. I did the best I could and pushed through, knowing that my car was at least two miles away, but it was miserable. The more miles I did, the more I was walking. I grabbed a compression tank instead of a regular tank and the sweat was just sitting on me with no air flow.
I finally picked up the pace a little in my last mile, where there was shade and breeze again. Then I blissfully went to Starbucks where I bought TWO Venti passion tea lemonades and chugged them both.

It was definitely a discouraging week. I'm trying not to freak out about running 13 miles after two awful runs, but it's hard not to... I know my base is there and this week isn't going to destroy me, I just need to keep telling myself that!


Corrina said...

I think we need a week like this in our training to give us the mental strength for a race. When you are having a rough mile or two during the race, you'll think of this week and realize you'll push through and be ok and a rough couple miles won't kill the race, just like a rough week of training does not un-do all the weeks before! Hoping you are feeling strong next week!

Unknown said...

Its hard to transition with this crazy weather! We all have weeks that are off but I think its great you kept going and are so close to the finish! you are doing awesome in my book!

Foursons said...

I'm sorry to hear you had such a rough week. I don't think this week is going to undo all the training you have done so far but I can completely understand how it was frustrating for you.

Funny how we view temperature differently though. To me 80 degrees is perfect. Anything below 70 is downright cold.

Anonymous said...

You will do great. I ran my first half today and the week before last I had horrible runs. It is how it goes!

Bari said...

Weeks like this will definitely happen and you're right, the timing sucks. But you have done fantastic & one rocky week isn't going to break you because you're far too bad ass for that.

Unknown said...

Yes, keep telling yourself that! You're gonna do fine (or better than fine!).

I'm telling myself the same. At least you ran this week, I did not. Ack!

Lori @ Hit the Ground Running said...

You may have had a terrible run, but you made me laugh with your comments about it! Kudos to your for finishing such a nightmarish run!

You're working your tail off, it will all pay off in a few weeks :)