Sunday, February 5, 2012

half marathon training [week 5]

This week was not the best, through no fault of my own. Thursday's monthly migraine knocked me down. There was no way I could run on Thursday and while I wanted to try and get my miles in Friday, I was still dehydrated and pretty lousy from Thursday so I thought it best to rest.

Monday was an easy three miles. Every time I have an easy three miles, the wind decides to scream. It was ridiculously windy, which has to be the worst weather condition. Despite the wind, I still managed an average 9:48 pace. I'll take it!
Tuesday was four miles. I did the first two miles in under twenty minutes and felt good, then my hip freaked out and I had to do run/walk intervals to keep it from spasming. I still finished with a 10:09 pace, but I know I could've done better if my hip hadn't lost it. I am pretty sure I need to head to Fleet Feet soon and get some new shoes, as I've had these for over six months and put around four hundred miles on them. Thankfully I have two gift cards, so I can budget new shoes!
Wednesday was strength training. I made it through another week of the Tough Mudder workout without dying. I might see little baby muscles popping out on my arms, but I'm not sure they're doing anything as of yet.

Saturday was my last step back week before the long runs start increasing. I'm glad it was a shorter run, because I was still sore and achy from Thursday. I felt like my legs were filled with lead, but I just kept pushing forward and finished five miles with a 10:40 pace. Not the best, but I finished it despite feeling like I wanted to throw in the towel halfway through. I always try and do my Saturday runs early. Not because I like to pop right out of bed on Saturday, but because it's SO NICE to come back home, shower, put on comfy clothes and have a whole weekend of nothing stretching ahead of me. It's such a great feeling.

As I know a lot of people are scheduling spring races and other spring things, I wanted to throw out there that I'm definitely planning on doing one of the Chicago epilepsy 5ks (this is why I started running last April... I saw these advertised and knew I HAD to do it next year, for Tommy). I would LOVE for anyone in the area to join me and run or walk for Tommy. You don't have to run, but if you want to try and run it, you have time to train for a 5k between now and May. Maybe this could be the goal you're looking for to get started. Right now I'm leaning toward the one in Wheaton, because it's a) $10 cheaper and b) looks like it's in a really pretty place. If you think you'd like to do this, you don't have to commit to fundraising or anything. If you want to fundraise, that'd always be great, but I'd just really love to have a few faces out there for Tommy and other people/families living with epilepsy. If you think you're interested, let me know which event would work best for you and leave your email address so I can contact you later on. I hope some people can join me!


InTheFastLane said...

Even though this week "was not the best," I can totally see your progress. That 9:48 pace?? rockin. Aren't you totally amazed and where you are, after starting running just last year??

Even if I can't run one of those runs (and you know I want to), I am all in when you are fundraising....

Bari said...

That's the day of my 25k or I would totally come out. Let me know if you're fundraising & I'll pledge $25, $1 for each K of my race.

As for your training, I think you're doing great! I'd love to sustain a 9:xx pace for 3 miles!

Crooked Eyebrow said...

give me the info, i think i will be able to run by then.

I'm in!

you and your running = inspiration.

keli [at] kidnapped by suburbia said...

remember when you used to tell me that you could never run at the pace I was running? um, girl. YOU ARE!!! so so proud of you!

Foursons said...

I know you don't feel like this week was successful, but I still think you rocked it. I went for a run yesterday and felt so much better afterwards. I need to make it a point to go out at least 3X/week.

erica said...

Erin, I am registering for Wheaton. Is there a team I can join for fundraising?