Monday, January 9, 2012

Daily Routine

If you're on instagram, you've probably been following along with the January Photo a Day meme. Basically, someone set up a plan for each day of January to correspond with a specific photo. Today was daily routine. The thing is, we have a lot of daily routines and I couldn't pick one, so I thought I'd take some of the highlights and make them into a blog post.

Morning routine:

Stumble to the bathroom at 5:30. Choose various amounts of makeup that might make myself look less zombielike and more human.
Daydream at the way the mirror splits me into two people and wish that I actually had a clone. Clone Erin could go to work and make money, while I stayed home with the kids.
Wake Luke up at 6, then move him into our bed so he can ease into the day. Tommy does his morning breathing treatment at the same time. It's so hard for me to not curl up in bed with them!
I usually make Luke's lunch the night before, but I forgot. Today I made him his own version of a lunchable, with a few extra goodies.

Load Luke into the car at 6:30. Super awesome head wound is courtesy of a gate smack while walking to the park with the sitter. It actually looks a lot better than it did Thursday!
Full moon.
Preschool dropoff.
I love the view when I pull into the parking lot at work. It makes it slightly less painful.

Afternoon routine:

Finish off a long day of teaching and meetings with essay test grading. I plowed through two classes today, and I hope I can get to the other two tomorrow.
Then on to my favorite routine, picking up my two buddies! First the taller one, who goes to school right down the street from my school. Then the shorter one, who goes to the sitter right down the street from our us. Both convenient pickups!
Fighting over who gets to check the mail is a daily routine. I usually cross my fingers and say, NO BILLS, NO BILLS.

When Shane got home, I headed right out for a quick run. I didn't think it'd be a good one, but I ended up much faster than usual and ran my first sub-30 5k! (This explains why I'm so very red faced.)
Dinner! Crock pot Italian beef, BLT pasta salad, and bread.
After dinner playtime, followed by cleaning. Tommy likes to drag out all the pots and pans to pretend to cook. Luke very sweetly put them all away tonight.

Evening routine:

Rocking Tommy... he thinks the camera flash is hilarious.
Shane has a meeting tonight, so Luke got to hang out in our bed with the iPad while I was putting Tommy down.
And finally, as soon as I hit enter and my tea finishes steeping, I'm going to settle in with a cup of tea and a good book.

Just four more days of this, then I can settle into the weekend routine, which involves yoga pants and gluttony. C'mon weekend!


tehamy said...

Your day sounds amazingly similar to mine. The only difference is that I run after the kids are in bed. Congrats on the great 5k time!

nicole said...

What grade/subject do you teach? Also, love your evening wind down. A good book and tea is hard to beat.

nora said...

The glass of wine at the very end is probably the only thing I would add to mine. I have to listen to my "essays" instead of read them - you can only hear the same sone 36 times before you want to stab your ears out.

Candi said...

You look so pretty. :) Busy day. I love all the photos! I have a thing for photo this one! :)

Crooked Eyebrow said...

First, you look and are super fit skinny. Second, i love this style of photo posts.

And the boys ? Adorable. Like their momma.

Adam said...

This is awesome even if I do feel like I need a nap just from reading about your day. It still sounds pretty sweet. Busy but beautiful.

The Many Thoughts of a Reader said...

i have about 100 pages left in that book, it's a good one!

Unknown said...

Okay that kiss in the tub is just too Cute!!

Great idea for a post. It was fun to go through your day with you. :)

InTheFastLane said...

Good thing I didn't join this challenge since MY PHONE!! Gah!!!

This morning, in addition to the full moon, I saw a shooting star. Cool stuff.

And LOVED that book.

Sidnie said...

Your post-run red faced self? Absolutely beautiful.

Liliannsmama said...
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Liliannsmama said...

Tommy enjoys olives? That is awesome.

Your day sounds very busy, and I am happy to see your day and wonder what mine would look like.

I am so impressed at your running. I follow you on twitter and love your dedication to yourself.


Foursons said...

I need to get in that routine of coming home and running. It's so hard when you're exhausted from work.

keli [at] kidnapped by suburbia said...

this was so much fun!! [just don't post any of these pictures on my facebook or you will get a nasty email, hahaha!!] ;) loved this little peek into your day!

Mimi's Toes said...

I love following your daily routine. You amaze me that after your busy day, you make time for yourself and go for a run. You ARE superhero! That meal looked so good too. Never heard of blt pasta.

Lyndsay said...

Your boys are so sweet... love these pictures of them.

And a book and tea at the end of the day sounds pretty close to perfection.

Unknown said...

I dont know how you do all that, I want to be like you! Actually I think I am just ready to go back to work and jealous of those who have great jobs! great run!