Monday, July 18, 2011

Happy Birthday, Rocket Man

Two years ago, he rocketed into this world.

His party was wonderful. There was sunshine and cupcakes.

Fun time

And of course, lots of love.
I wish I had more pictures from our amazing day. I wish I'd taken photos of Tommy with everyone who came to his party, but of course, I was too busy visiting and enjoying our day.
Words can't really describe how thankful we are for Tommy in our lives. He is really is joy personified. He lives every moment as if he needs to be fully immersed in it. Unfortunately, this extends into middle of the night moments, too, and he spent all of his last crashing into our room desperately wanting to read his favorite truck book at 1:30AM.

He is mischevious. Oh, is he EVER. Even worse, he's learned to play his mom and dad. If he's caught with something in his hand that he shouldn't have, he immediately puts it on his head, smiles, and says, "My hat!" Every time, without fail. It's so hard to continue to reprimand him and not just laugh at his hat, which sometimes takes the form of leaves he's ripped off a tree, a cheese grater, or a pair of scissors.
He loves to pretend. Spatulas and remotes become phones. He always, always pretends to call Papa (my dad). At his party, when we asked him whose birthday it was, he pointed at my dad and said, PAPA! He still claims it's Papa's birthday.

He is my mama's boy. If he feels uncomfortable or shy, he clings to me. He wants to be held. He loves to cuddle into my shoulder. He's rarely still, but if he is, he's usually near me or on me at that time. Mostly, I don't mind. He is also a boy's boy. He loves trucks, trains, buses, tractors in a fierce way that Luke never did. When we drive down the highway, he yells TRUCK, MAMA, MY TRUCK.

He amazes me daily. I still remember the way he felt against my skin when he was born, the sound of his first cry. I'm so lucky to be his mama.


Anonymous said...

Oh, I love his hat trick. I can't believe it has been two years since his amazing birth. Happy day to you all. :)

Heather said...

Happy Birthday Tommy!! i can't believe he is already two.

Cameron said...

I said this before on Twitter but I really cannot believe it's been two years since I read those crazy tweets and your blog post. Seriously, HOW? Happy Birthday, Tommy. We love ya! :)

Bacardi Mama said...

I just said on your Facebook post that you should repost this. I'm so glad you did. Happy Birthday Tommy! A true Rocket man.

Katie said...

Happy 2nd Birthday Tommy! Those cupcakes look delicious! Are those the ones from Beck's? Their cake is sooo yummy!

Tristina said...

Two years already? Wow! Happy Birthday, little rocket man. Your hat trick is gold and may it serve you well in life.

Kaycee said...

No way it's been two years! That is crazy!! Happy birthday Tommy, looks like it was a lovely one! :)

InTheFastLane said...

He is so big!!! Hard to believe he is two already. Glad you guys had such a great celebration day.

Sara said...

Happy birthday, Tommy! So glad the weather cooperated this year for his party. I'm glad you all had a beautiful day celebrating your little Rocket Man!

Zakary said...

Thank you for sharing him with us, Happy Birthday to your rocket man.


Unknown said...

Happy Birthday to your rocket man. He's a true gem. :) (even if he is a mischievous gem...) he he.