Monday, November 16, 2009

Iron Butterfly

A week ago, I wrote about my new iron. I promised you pictures, but then I was so busy ironing that I kind of forgot to share those pictures. I wish I had a video to show you, but I am alas, the only blogger on the world wide web to not own a video camera of any sort. Lucky for you, I take hilarious photos. Also lucky for you, I'm not modest.

When the iron first came, I wasn't sure what it was. It looked like a strange futuristic device to me. In the hopes that it was a robot maid, I told it to go fold my laundry. When it just sat there, I walked away and ignored it, until I saw Luke doing this.
(NOT plugged in, please do not call CPS!)

And then I was all, so THAT's how that thing works. After that, I announced to Shane that we now owned an iron. He threw several shirts at me, mumbling something about how he now no longer has to be that guy with the wrinkled shirts. I got a little angry at the iron for causing me MORE work, so I glared at it for awhile.
See all those shirts in the background? I told you he threw shirts at me.

When I finally gave in and ironed Shane's stupidshirts, I realized just how easy this iron is. It took me under a minute to get each shirt completely wrinkle-free. I will admit to utilizing the steam tool, which shot out a pretty powerful burst of steam and cleared out some of the hard to reach wrinkles.
I hear some people have a fancy device called an ironing board. I bet these people also have robot maids. I, however, have a table and a towel.

Luke was watching me iron and in the midst of it, removed his shirt and said, "Iron my blue shirt!" At first I said, "Iron your own shirt!"
But then he put his Tyrannosaurus Rex on the table and was all, "Iron my shirt...OR ELSE," so I thought it'd be a wise choice.

Unfortunately, while I was ironing, he colored on his face with a marker, but at least he looked styling in his crisp shirt!

When I last wrote about the iron, several of you left comments in the form of also hating ironing (fist bump of solidarity, sisters!), and I just want to follow up with that. I really, really do hate ironing, but this iron really makes it so easy. Like I said, I was able to do each of Shane's dress shirts in a minute or less. The steam feature makes it so that if you don't have time to iron OR if you have a garment that can't be ironed, you can still quickly remove wrinkles.
I also like that this iron has an auto shut off feature. This is really important for me because I can't count the number of times that I've left the house with candles burning or something turned on (please don't tell my husband).
I really do find myself leaning more toward ironing than I ever did before. I'm finding that in the time that it takes to run the dryer again to remove wrinkles from shirts, I can actually have the shirts ironed and hung in the closet. So while it used to seem like the dryer was the quick easy way, the reality is that this iron is much quicker--and our clothes look better for it!

Now that I no longer need a robot maid to iron my clothes, I would most definitely have my robot maid clean the bathroom and put the laundry away, my two least favorite chores. Oh, and clean the microwave. I eat a LOT of bacon and our very old microwave takes forever to cook it and is a pain to clean, but all the bacon eating I do makes it necessary to clean it often. See, I need a robot maid. Or maybe a new microwave, but a robot maid sounds so much more appealing. What would your robot maid do?

I received a Panasonic iron in exchange for this review. Still waiting on that robot maid...


*Lissa* said...

I do own an ancient iron, but I think it has been used only once or twice in absolute emergency situations.

My robot maid would definitely cook, do dishes, switch the laundry from the washer to the dryer, clean the daily pee-miss in the bathrooms, mop, and dust.

I would vacuum and fold the laundry.

designHER Momma said...

you are awesome. seriously.

Julie said...

Glare at it again, glare at it again!!! Ironing doesn't bother me as much as all other forms of cleaning / folding laundry / cooking / bacis housework of any kind. I need to learn how to make crossed out text so my next sentence can read: I need to (crossed out) marry rich (end crossed out, get an awesome job so I can hire a robot maid. Thought marrying rich would not suck....

Cameron said...

My robot maid would clean the bathrooms, put all the dirty dishes that my husband leaves in the sink into the dishwasher, and dust. I HATE dusting. Hence, my house is dusty.

Kristin said...

ok, i will admit that i used to iron everything. i used to iron my jeans, even. (but i also used to fold them and put them in drawers where they actually did end up wrinkled!) i'm not sure if it was my hate for mornings or just sheer laziness, but i have definitely outgrown my ironing phase. now, i pretty much have to look like i slept in the clothes before i will talk myself into ironing them. ;p and this is mainly because i don't have a dryer to throw things into. if i did, i'd totally try that first. ;p

still, that is one fancy looking iron, and i kind of want it.

ps., my robot maid would do EVERYTHING. but especially washing silverware, cleaning the bathroom, mopping the floors, and cooking. (and once it mastered those, i'd probably gladly relinquish dusting, sweeping, cleaning the kitchen, doing the dishes, laundry, grocery shopping, and taking out the trash. oh, and if it could take care of all car maintenance, that'd be cool too. ;p)

pcb said...

I'm totally ignoring your question, but wanted to share my take on ironing. I don't mind ironing so much now that I use it as prayer time. As I iron each piece, I think about the person who will be wearing it and what they might be doing while wearing it.

Mendie said...

I thought I was the only one who didn't own an ironing board! Rock on (while hanging head in shame)!

My robot would sweep the in a quad level has made this task hellish.

Such The Spot said...

My robot maid would definitely change the sheets on the bunk bed, which would prevent me from breaking a nail everysingletime.

Oh. And she'd wipe butts. I'd just have to train the kids to start yelling "Robot Maid" from the throne, instead of "Mom, I'm dooooone."

Sharon - Mom Generations said...

I hate to iron. Sorry to be so blunt, but I hate to iron. I am the only daughter sandwiched right between two brothers, and I got stuck at an early age with the ironing chore. Wait a bloody second. I got stuck with ALL the chores. I don't care if it WAS the 60's... what was up with that? Even then, I was all women's liberation about it, but no-one listened to me. I remember lugging the ironing board up from our basement every Saturday morning and ironing the family laundry while my brothers watched cartoons and taunted me. Yeah, I DID iron in front of the television, but I missed great moments of cartoons. When I married Barry, I was SHOCKED that he knew how to iron. It was Flo. She had 3 sons and taught them all how to iron. Talk about a forerunner in the women's movement. Barry actually LIKES to iron. Last week, Jane was home from NYC for the weekend and she needed something ironed. She didn't know what to do. Iron? What's that? So Daddy came to the rescue. We have a very, very old built-in ironing board that's awesome... if you like to iron... and Jane never knew what that little cabinet thing was for. (I will admit that she didn't LIVE here after we bought the house, but...!!) Now we send all of Barry's shirts out, so I never, never, never iron. I STEAM anything that's wrinkled and I ALWAYS hand and fold my stuff meticulously... so I WON'T need to iron! I can't even glare at my iron because it's hidden away where only Barry knows where to find it!! Hahahahaha!!

ps: I have, many times, debated my Mom on making me do all the chores because I was "the girl." I think I overcompensated with my own girls!! With you... you've gotta think like Flo!!

Sharon - Mom Generations said...

Oh, no. After reading pendy's comment, I feel really, really, really badly about my ironing tirade!

Unknown said...

This is a great post. Hilarious. I'd love a robot maid too.

InTheFastLane said...

I might need that iron. But, if it is expensive, i might need to just keep paying the nice lady at the dry cleaner. Unless someone wants to give me one and i will say nice things about it and all of my unwrinkled clothes.

Allyson said...

Does it bring you chocolate? That's about the only way I think it could convince me to iron with it. :)

Mimi's Toes said...

Does he hire out? So unbelievably cute!

TexasBobbi said...

I like the sound of that iron and your picture camera doesn't have a video option?

Kristin said...

you now have me wishing for a robot maid everytime i don't want to do something. THANKS A LOT. :p (unless you're getting me one for christmas. then it's cool.)

Love said...

oh my word. this is seriously funny.

mine would switch over all the clothes for seasons and sizes....that is seriously a never-ending job here. i'm so behind. i'd much rather clean the toilet.