Wednesday, March 16, 2016

What I Read Wednesday

I've been pretty stagnant with books lately. I have a whole stack of non-fiction sitting on my nightstand and zero desire to read anything that isn't an escape from reality.

Innocents and Others: A Novel
Meadow and Carrie grow up together. The two are connected by their love of film-making and forays into documentaries. On the outside is a woman named Jelly, who cold calls men who are connected to celebrities and forges a relationship with them over the phone. The book goes back and forth between Meadow, Carrie, and Jelly. At times, it was disjointed and I had to remind myself of who was where, but I was overall interested in each of the women and how they eventually connected.

See Jane Run
This book came up on a list of ten best psychological thrillers. I love psychological thrillers and this was one of the few that I hadn't read. It did not disappoint. Jane snaps to suddenly on a Boston street, with no knowledge of who she is or what she's doing. She's wearing a trench coat that she quickly discovers is holding stacks of $100 bills and when she removes the trench coat, she realizes that her dress is soaked in blood--blood that isn't hers. After ending up at the hospital, she's diagnosed with hysterical amnesia thought to be brought on by trauma. Someone eventually recognizes her as the wife of renowned pediatric surgeon Dr. Michael Whittaker and Jane is brought home to begin reconstructing. Or so she thinks. What unfolds is a nightmare in which she is unsure what is reality and what is hysteria.

What are you reading?


Lyndsay W said...

The Readers of Broken Wheel Recommend! I've just started, and I'm looking forward to a day off tomorrow to really dig into it (you know, in addition to laundry, groceries, dog walking, kid driving, etc.)

Aside - Amara had a stack of birthday gift cards for the bookstore so we went last Friday night to make some purchases. First of all - it was crazy to me that we bypassed the children's area ALL TOGETHER and did all our browsing in the teen and tween section. What the heck. But I loved watching her walk around... pick up and put back books.... get excited when she spotted a familiar author or a book she read at school. As we were leaving she said "I could LIVE here!" Yay!!

Barb Ruess said...

Lyndsay - I bet we could lose Emily & Amara in a bookstore for HOURS!

I read Rain Reign - it's a low YA level (maybe even 5th grade?) but oh that character voice.... it is so strong that I'll never forget it. Young Rose (rows) loves homonyms and likes to (too, two) point them out when she is stressed. :) She is an amazing character. I picked it up with Jack because he said it's going to be a Hoosier Book this year. It only took me a day to read it but it was a delightful story. Now I'm reading Orphan X and wishing I wasn't so tired so I could read more each night!

Lyndsay W said...

Requested Rain Reign for Amara (and me)! Thanks Barb!

Theresa Mahoney said...

I am currently reading Etched in Sand. Such a heartbreaking true story of 5 neglected kids growing up in Long Island. I need to find a light and airy read after this one.