Thursday, June 28, 2012

Summer Update

I'm a really bad blogger. I was going to share more beach photos, but I realized I did that last time I blogged. Not that it matters because it's not like I have a wide audience of people that I need to keep entertained with my twice a month blog posts. Still, we have done other things than go to the beach.

I've sat at the optometrist office again.
That was fun. Diagnosis: my corneas are still jerks. I have at least four more weeks left in glasses and no eye makeup. While I know there are plenty of people who wear glasses all the time, I am not one of those people. Glasses are not what I am used to, thus this has been hard for me--especially in the summer. I'm ready to have my contacts back and hopefully when I see the doctor in four weeks, I'll get the all clear.

Tommy discovered that he loves salt and vinegar chips. Thanks to my migraine meds altering my taste buds, I've made this discovery as well. Salt and vinegar for all!

We all discovered that the grocery store has a tractor, which is confusing and entertaining.

We had a picnic lunch to celebrate my mom's birthday and Tommy put a flower in her hair.


And, of course, there's the beach, where we secretly wish we could live and dance in the waves
and fly kites

Not pictured: Luke learned to ride his bike without training wheels and I learned to maintain a sub-10 minute mile for five straight miles. Now if only Tommy would learn to SLEEP, we'd all be set. Oh, and our local Dairy Queen now serves Orange Julius. Huzzah! How has your summer been?


Sidnie said...

I clicked to comment like 10 minutes ago. I had a cool story to tell; then I called our house from my cell phone by accident, got up to answer the phone, and was completely confused when I saw my number on the caller id.
Cade started whining because I didn't answer the phone. I countered the whining with popsicles because it's so hot in our house. Then I decided to take a picture of this dreary, hot day for instagram because sunny days here are windy and cold.
My computer is by the window and after I took the picture I sat down, and saw the comment screen up...
And I have no idea what story I was going to tell....

So. Boo to having to wear glasses!!
But yay for sub-10s! And woohoo to no training wheels- Luke needs to teach Austin a thing or two about a bike! (We don't own bikes, but will once we get to AL!)

Stephanie Wilson she/her @babysteph said...

My kids always have their arms in a pringles can! We are salt & vinegar fans here, too.

At the beach the other night there were four different kites going on the shore and it was so very fun to watch.


Unknown said...

Sorry about the glasses. I've been wearing some type of corrective lenses since I was 8 so I know what a pain the arse glasses can be. Hope your corneas cooperate next visit!!!

And you're blessed to be so close the water. I would be there every weekend if I could!

k said...

Orange Julius?! SCORE.

While being stricken with jenk eyesight since 4th grade, glasses piss me right off. I am a contacts girl and I would probably perish if I had to wear glasses in the summer.

Thumbs down to your corneas.

Leah said...

NO training wheels!!! :) That is so exciting.

Our DQ is serving Julius now too! It has pretty much changed my life more than I would like to admit!

Becky said...

LOVE those beach pictures.

and I hear ya about the glasses. I know I need to give my eyes a break and hang up the contacts for a day but that day never seems to come.

Hang in there, Four Eyes. (said with the utmost love!)

Anonymous said...

Yeah Luke! Way to go with a two wheeler bike!
I am just beginning my journey with contact lenses so I'm not as reliant on them yet but I do love the option! Hopefully those corneas of yours will get better soon.
And Tommy is too stinkin' cute with his pensive face and his hand in the pringle can!
I hope you're enjoying your summer with your little men:)

Candi said...

Sounds like you guys are having a good summer! Well...except for your eyes. :-/ I've never worn contacts but I don't wear my glasses all the time either. I just can't see more than like 6 feet in front of me. :P

I'm quite the infrequent blogger, too. I used to all the time and I keep thinking I will start up again more regularly...then it never happens. :P But I love reading your blog whether it's frequent or not. :)

Hope you guys continue to have a great summer!

Foursons said...

Sounds like you are a having the perfect summer. I wish I had a beach close by.

Corrina said...

If only we lived near each other, we'd be great running partners :) I need to teach my 5yr old to ride w/o training wheels this summer.

Lisa said...

I must have met you at some point, because you look VERY familiar to me! Maybe at an event with Steph??
So sorry for your eye troubles. Not fun. I had lasik surgery a few years ago and it was the best thing ever. I don't miss glasses or contacts at all!
I'm enjoying your blog and hearing about your summer. I'm a PreK teacher and off for summer break, while still searching the web for teacher blogs...which is how I came across you :)

Thea @ It's Me Vs. Me said...

I want to live by a beach.

Unknown said...

oh my goodness bummer about your eye, I bet you will be so happy when you are able to have normal eyes again!

Kaycee said...

Oh I have SO much sympathy for you on the glasses thing. I had to wear mine for a month once and no contacts and it nearly drove me nuts. It was supposed to be a couple months but I was released early (fingers crossed that you get your contacts back in the four weeks at least!). I know a lot of people wear glasses and love them, but I can't stand them. Ugh. Hope your summer keeps getting better and better though!